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Cement factories and wind retrofit: New Industrial Solutions products

As a major supplier of large components to the international cement industry, Industrial Solutions handles the sourcing, machining, assembly and logistics involved in large-scale projects all over the world. Now, three new component types and one complete wind turbine concept are added to the product portfolio.

Industrial Solutions is an independent business unit with AH Industries. Recently we added three new product types to our range of components for the cement industry: Apron feeders for the transportation of rocks within the cement factory, strike bar crushers, for crushing of raw material and hydraulic trust devices, which act as a safety feature.


The new components are sourced and assembled by AH Industries at our facilities in both Denmark and in Ningbo, China, and delivered on-site ready for assembly. Initially, the new components are intended for cement factory installations in Pakistan, Vietnam and Algeria, but more facilities are sure to follow.


Close to the customers

Thomas Hamborg-Thomsen, director of the Industrial Solutions business unit within AH Industries, explains: “We are able to win these large commissions because we always maintain a close dialogue with our customers.

We have worked closely with their value engineers to discover how best to increase value across the supply chain, and we know their needs – not just in terms of components but also in terms of assembly, logistics and so on. Combined with our long track record in the cement industry, we believe this is what gives us the competitive edge in a tough market.”

Complete drive train solutions for the wind industry

Industrial Solutions is also adding a new concept for the wind industry to its portfolio of services.

“One of our latest product additions is a complete concept for drive train retrofit in wind turbines,” Thomas Hamborg-Thomsen says. “When performing a refurbishment of a wind turbine, it is often necessary to replace the whole drive train – the main shaft, main bearings and so on.

We can deliver all of this as a complete kit, ready to install either with new or retrofitted components per customer demand. And we can call on our colleagues in Site Solutions to deliver the hardware needed for installation of the drive train, too.”

Site Solutions is the special branch of AH Industries which specializes entirely in the development, production and servicing of dedicated equipment for the handling and installation of wind turbines.

“What this shows is that AH Industries is more than just a supplier of components – in fact, we can take care of the entire value chain for our customers – and that’s a huge benefit, because our customers only need one point of contact in order to get everything done” says Thomas Hamborg-Thomsen.

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A new, stronger organization

Over the past couple of years, AH Industries has been hard at work improving our organization in order to serve our customers better. We are one united company, but we have divided our activities into three main business areas:

Industrial Solutions, where we specialize in the sourcing, machining, assembly and handling of large and complex components for industrial plants, marine and offshore machinery.

Site Solutions, where we specialize in lifting and handling equipment for the global wind industry, and finally:

Manufacturing, which is in fact two business units, Manufacturing Denmark and Manufacturing China, each with its own management and customer base.

Please feel free to visit the three business units and to contact the staff in case you have questions or would like to know how we can help increase your competitive power.

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